Living In A New Way

Living In A New Way

The idea of living in a new way can be daunting, even frightening. There is a strong temptation to stay comfortable, even if it’s to your detriment.

The lord is Kind and Merciful

But in the Gospels throughout the month of February, Jesus invites his disciples to do just that: leave their old way of living and begin living a new way. In the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Jesus tells his disciples that they are “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.” With this statement, Jesus gave a special significance to their roles in the imminent coming of the Lord’s Kingdom. He calls the disciples—and thereby each of us—to live his teaching and to be light of salvation for others.

In the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Jesus furthers his explanation by saying that he has come “not to abolish but to fulfill” the law. In addition, in order to enter the Kingdom, he explains that the disciples must surpass the scribes and Pharisees in righteousness. And in the 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Jesus calls his disciples to be “perfect,” meaning that they are to imitate the incarnation of our Lord. By doing so, and loving not only their neighbors but also their enemies, they are fulfilling the law.

As a result, we must all strive to let go of any ties to worldly things. The expectations laid out for us this month are by no means easy. In fact, they are quite difficult! But that is by design. If it was easy for every person to enter the Kingdom, then there would not be a purpose to heeding Jesus’s words. We must follow him to enter his home.

Knowing that God came to earth for our sakes, not his own, should fill us with a sense of amazement.

In Jesus, there is a home for each of us. It is this work that we try to emulate at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Along with my caring coworkers, we let our children know that they have a home with us—one where they will be safe, and one that offers them food, clothing, a great education, and the support they need to succeed. Over time, our kids come to the understanding that they have a home to come back to each day—that is the miracle of Mercy Home.

As we come to accept the Lord’s invitation to gather at the table this day to celebrate the Eucharist, let us give thanks to God that we have said yes to Christ’s invitation to come and follow him. How fortunate we are to have a home in the

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