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Partners in Prayer: Graduation Season

Partners in Prayer: Graduation Season

June is always a very joyous month here at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Just as the weather grows more favorable, our young people are gearing up for a summer’s worth of fun, relaxation, and enrichment. Most of them will spend time away from the city at a picturesque summer camp; others will explore new hobbies, such as piano or dance lessons. All of our young men and women have the opportunity to dive into good books, take long bike rides along the lakefront, create arts-and-craft masterpieces and simply enjoy each other’s company.

This month is also an exciting time around Mercy Home because many of our young people will be graduating from grammar school and high school. While they may not know what to expect in the next chapter of their lives, their increased self-esteem and sense of accomplishment are well-deserved.

“I pray that we have inspired our graduates with a love of learning.”

During this time of transition, however, our graduates are apprehensive about what lies ahead. Many wonder if they will fit in at high school; others hope they can gracefully handle the grueling demands of college course work. Over breakfast this morning, one of our soon-to-be graduates bravely admitted his fear of becoming homesick in college; he plans on attending an out-of-state university this fall.

To be perfectly honest, I worry about all of our graduates too. I can be assured that Mercy Home provides our young people with the very best education, qualified therapists, compassionate and concerned youth care workers, and diligent education coordinators. Nonetheless, I pray that this is enough. I pray that our young people are aptly equipped for any challenges that lie ahead. I pray that we have inspired our graduates with a love of learning. I pray that we have taught them how to make responsible decisions. I pray, too, for your support.

I say this time and time again, but the good work that we do here at Mercy Home would not be possible without you. Your prayers and support allow us to answer this Gospel call, for which I am deeply grateful. This month, may I ask a favor of you? Please continue to pray for the Mercy Home community, but I ask that you remember our graduates in a special way. Knowing that they are supported in your prayers will give them the courage they need to succeed.

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