Fr. Scott’s Corner – Kindness is Contagious

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Kindness is Contagious

I recently heard the saying “kindness is contagious.” How true this is! I see it every day at Mercy Home—we have worked hard to build a community where you are always greeted with a smile and lent a helping hand. When you are treated with kindness, it is easy to give it back!

You can also see this idea at work through what are known as random acts of kindness. Have you ever received an unexpected kindness or favor from a stranger? It is motivating to “pay it forward” and pass that kindness on to another person. I know that many members of our Sunday Mass family are homebound, and you may feel that you don’t have a lot of opportunities most days to express kindness to others. But there is still an important way that everyone can express love and kindness—through prayer.

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As Christians, we know that a community joined in prayer has the power to change lives. That is one of the most important reasons that our Parish of the Airwaves exists. Together, we are able to form a powerful circle of spiritual support for one another and for our community. Is there any better act of kindness than that?

“..there is still an important way that everyone can express love and kindness—through prayer.”

We can all work together to make our world a kinder place. Through God’s presence in our lives, we are united. As God’s children, we are all loved. And through our faith community, this Parish of the Airwaves, we are all active participants in greater Catholic community.

This month, as you offer your prayers for your brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that you think about the strength of your prayers as they join with the prayers of others. And never forget that the most heartfelt prayers of all of us at Mercy Home are with you!


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  1. Georgia Litzenberg, S.C. says:

    Thank you Father Scott for your wonderful remarks about kindness.
    I have found in my own life, as a Sister of Charity, that kindness also builds up my faith in Jesus Christ.
    And that is because Jesus Blesses our kindness and our love for each other, especially for people who are isolated,
    and alone. Thanks again, Father Scott, God Bless you always, in all ways.
    Peace and Love,
    Georgia, S.C.

  2. Linda D says:

    Hello Fr. Donahue, thank you for those words about acts of kindness. God puts people in our every present moment as His Will. Well he put you in my way today. I am disabled and I used to have an active life with friends and activities, but now my life is at a halt. I have good days and bad days, but the bad days sometimes can be very difficult on the strength of conviction to endure. With my illness I have to say it has brought me closer to God, Jesus, Mary, St Joseph and all the angels and saints. I pray, I pray a lot, lots of Rosaries, they comfort me. Some days that is my only activity. It is really hard because it is very hard to concentrate, but I do the best I can with love in my heart. Some days I can be so dry. But, I endure. So with all of that being said, today is one of those days that I miss my past life. I had a job I really liked, took classes at college, did volunteer works, etc. and sometimes I guess I feel sorry for myself and I miss it. I have accepted God’s Will in my life with love for Him and Neighbor but sometimes, oh boy, it is rough. So with that being said, I really needed to hear you say that prayer is an act of kindness. I offer my sufferings to Him. I guess the enemy tries to distract me from the great action of offering my sufferings for others when I think,” Why cant I do more?” But that is discouragement and we all know where that comes from , the enemy. I have to remind myself that all that our God places in our lives is for a reason and His Will and We have to be like Jesus and say,” Your Will be Done”. Thank you for telling me that good works are prayer, especially when that is all I can do in this present moment. Thank you and Receive the Complete Blessings of the United Hearts, Sincerely with Love, Linda Dianda M.S.H.L.


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