Logan Goes From Timid To Tenacious

Logan Goes From Timid To Tenacious

If you ever wonder if your prayers make a difference in the lives of Mercy Home’s children, I have a story for you today that will demonstrate how powerful your prayerful support really is.  

Logan grew up with a loving and devoted mother. But even though she cared deeply for Logan, she struggled to support him. In the winter, Logan and his mother would bundle up to keep warm when the heat was turned off. And in the summer, they kept the windows closed to muffle the sound of gunfire outside. 

But when Logan was 13, his mother was the victim of a violent crime. She was mugged and left for dead in the street. It was a miracle that someone found her and called an ambulance. It was an even bigger miracle that she survived the attack but was left with lasting injuries that would make it more difficult for her to care for Logan. 

With a long recovery ahead of her, Logan’s mother knew it was imperative that she get Logan out of their neighborhood. But unfortunately, her finances were in no shape to make a move to a more expensive area. And with her recent medical bills, moving was all but impossible.  

So one day when Logan was visiting his mother in the hospital, he was greeted by a social worker. His mother was crying, and Logan immediately began to panic. But the social worker didn’t have more bad news for Logan. Instead, she explained to him that his mother was worried that home wasn’t a safe place for him. She suggested Mercy Home as a solution. 

Logan wasn’t sure about the idea at first. He was scared to leave his mother, who he had never been away from. And his mother’s tears told him that she was also going to find it hard to be separated from him. But his mother made him promise that he would give it a try. So, Logan agreed. 

With a long recovery ahead of her, Logan’s mother knew it was imperative that she get Logan out of their neighborhood.

Logan initially struggled to adjust to Mercy Home. It was a strange environment compared to what he was used to. He missed his mother and found it difficult to leave her behind, even though he knew she was safe and recovering. He constantly felt on edge—even the slightest noise made him jump. It was understandable, given that he was used to the sound of gunshots when he was at home. 

But as time went on, Logan began to be more and more comfortable at Mercy Home. The time spent with our coworkers and his therapist and the guidance they provide has helped Logan make positive changes in his life. His mother is now in a home where she can get the care she needs to recover from her injuries.

And though he arrived at our doors timid and terrified, Logan has begun to heal and can see a brighter future for himself.  

Is there any doubt what prayers like the ones you offer to our boys and girls can do? They bring healing, hope, and comfort to hurting children in need. I am truly grateful to you, our Partner in Prayer, for your endless compassion and concern for our young people. You are a blessing to the entire Mercy Home family. Please be assured of your place in our prayers, just as we have a place in yours. 

Please note: Because we care deeply about protecting our children’s privacy, the names and certain identifying details in this story have been changed. 

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