Recently, I have been reflecting on pride. It’s a funny thing. It’s not all bad—it helps us work hard. Who doesn’t take pride in a job well done? It will make us keep our houses clean and our lawns mowed because we take pride in our homes and our neighborhood. It makes us do our best at our jobs, because we take pride in our work.

The problem with pride arises when we allow it to evolve into stubbornness. Then, it causes more harm than good. Can you think of a situation where you let your pride get the best of you? In my years as a priest, I have spoken to countless people who have told me stories of arguments they have gotten in with friends or family members. Many of these people had since cut off contact from that person because they did not want to apologize or did not believe they did anything wrong. Do you think it’s possible that perhaps the other person was thinking the same thing?

The only antidote for pride of this nature is love and forgiveness. I’m sure you have heard the Bible verse from Ephesians 4:26, “Do not let the sun set on your anger.” I often remind those who are struggling with mending relationships of this verse. There is no way of knowing how many took the good advice the Scriptures offer us—but I pray many have! Please keep those navigating the difficult path of mending broken relationships in your prayers.

“The only antidote for pride of this nature is love and forgiveness. “

Speaking of prayer, I believe it is one of the biggest reasons Sunday Mass at Mercy Home not only exists, but also thrives within our online community of faith. As we join to worship together each week, prayer is one of the essential components of our time together. I believe that prayer can create miracles, both big and small. Right now, I’m praying for those struggling with pride in their relationships. And I am also praying for all your intentions—both those you send to me through the mail and those that remain unspoken in your heart.

If I may, I ask that you continue to remember me and the entire Sunday Mass family in your prayers. Together, our parish of the airwaves is a strong faith community, and I know we can bless each other’s lives through Christ’s presence and love. May God bless you and your loved ones this June.


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