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Fr. Scott’s Corner – Words of Wisdom

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Words of Wisdom

I am blessed that my work as a priest allows me to meet with a number of different people who are in many different seasons of life. Recently, I have been meeting with some friends of both Mercy Home and our Sunday Mass program. They are people of deep faith, with decades of devotion to the Lord. So many have shared with me about the time they spend praying, for the needs of our world, for their families, and for the young people at Mercy Home. I am so grateful for their friendship.

I often request the advice of these dear friends when I see them, asking them what I should tell our children at Mercy Home about the best way to live their lives. So many of these friends mentioned the same things: be kind, forgive, and remember that God loves you and is with you always. As I reflected on this, I knew that it was truly valuable advice. Being kind is not difficult and it costs nothing. Forgiveness is what sets us free from being stuck and embittered. And God is with us through the best and most difficult moments in life. These words of wisdom ring true for each and every one of us.

“Being kind is not difficult and it costs nothing. Forgiveness is what sets us free from being stuck and embittered. “

In the Gospel we will listen to on August 11, we are told that we do not know the time or the hour when Christ will come for us. We must be ready at all times to meet and greet the Lord of life. The Son of Man will come at a time that we do not expect. So how can we ensure that we will always be ready? Perhaps by following the words of wisdom shared by dear friends: Be kind, always forgive, and remember that God loves us and is always with us.

As we come together to celebrate the Eucharist, let us give a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to our God who is always with us, and let us be mindful not just of our own needs, but the needs of the world and the needs of the young people at Mercy Home. Let us hold fast to the simple advice given to me to be given to our children. Let us strive to always be kind, forgiving, and grateful for the presence of God. Then we will never have to worry—rather, we will rejoice when the Master, the Son of God, calls us to himself.


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  1. Linda Dianda says:

    If I may add some wisdom from the Holy Spirit: do God’s Will in every present moment. God’s Will is to love Him and love your neighbor. This is the embodiment of all the Commandments. This is living in Holy Love. Our Lady is Holy Love as she accepted every present moment as God’s Will. We should also live in holy humility in that we know where we stand in God’s eyes. Through humility we know that all that we do is by the Glory of God and not by our hands, but His. By this we are His instruments of Holy Love in the World. Holy Love and Holy Humility are the foundation of all the Virtues. Receive the Complete Blessings of the United Hearts.

  2. Ann Fox says:

    Dear Fr. Scott,
    Your comments above remind me how important it is to share what the Lord has done in our lives with others who are struggling. I think we’ve all been hurt in life by others we thought we could trust, and from experience, I know it takes the power of God to help us forgive and move on in a positive direction. I also find that praying for those who have hurt me helps me get over the pain and genuinely care about their well-being. I pray for all of you at Mercy Home, and I also pray the Lord will help all of us reflect the fruit of His Spirit more than our flesh!!

    Abundant blessings to all of you who are helping SO many people heal and become who God created them to be!


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