Since our founding in 1887 Mercy Home has continued to expand, allowing us to provide an exceptional level of care. We provide care for our youth on two separate campuses providing everything our kids needs in order to succeed.

West Loop Campus

Located in Chicago’s West Loop, Mercy Home’s West Loop Campus is a home to around 100 young men. The campus features a learning center to aid the boys in their studies and a dining hall where meals are served family style. Our young men enjoy opportunities to participate in sports in our Noha Gymnasium and the 20/30 Club fitness center, thanks to generous contributions from our donors.

The young men of our boys campus are actively involved in the surrounding community, often working at nearby businesses and participating in neighborhood cleanup projects.

The campus features dormitory-style housing. By sharing communal space, the young men learn the core values of respect, responsibility, trust, honesty and caring. Youth are housed within distinct living programs designed to support each young person’s growth. Assignments are based on factors such as the youth’s age, and the level of structure that will best support each individual emotionally and developmentally.