Girls learn at Spiritual Retreat.

Over a special weekend-long Spiritual Retreat, 20 of our young women had the opportunity to contemplate, pray, and recharge. Led by coworkers from our Spiritual Development team and our Girls Home, the experience helped the young ladies bond with each other and reflect more deeply on their own lives.

Inspired by your support, our boys and girls work so hard in school, in tutoring, and in therapy here at Mercy Home. We were thrilled to give our young women a chance to spend time in a peaceful, serene environment and to step back and see just how far they’ve come.

The theme for the weekend was “Own It.” Our coworkers planned sessions and activities that challenged the young ladies to take ownership of all parts of who they are. The girls spent the weekend exploring the positive things they see in themselves, as well as examining areas of their lives where they would like to grow.

After each session, the young women received a token. They collected the tokens in small boxes they each decorated in preparation for the retreat. At the end of the weekend, they got to take the boxes and tokens home with them–with each token serving as a reminder of a part of themself they “owned” during the retreat.

We’d like to thank all coworkers who planned and facilitated the retreat, as well as all the young women who participated. Their energy, their openness, and their support of one another was inspiring–and is a testament to the wonderful work you make possible here at our Home.


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