Panoramic view of Mercy Home

West Loop Campus Tour

Welcome to our West Loop Campus

The headquarters of Mercy Home since 1889, only two years after its founding, the West Loop campus serves Chicago’s young men. The location in Chicago’s West Loop allows our young men to take an active role in the community—many work in nearby businesses and participate in neighborhood projects. The entrance to our West Loop Campus is adorned by a Guardian Angel statue identical to the one at our Walsh Girls Campus.

Tichenor Family Chapel

This beautiful sanctuary was a gift from longtime Mercy Home benefactors Art and Marj Tichenor. Featuring a vaulted copper roof and water-themed stained glass windows, this tranquil space gives our young men a space for quiet reflection.

Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

This place of worship is the filming location of Sunday Mass at Mercy Home. This televised Sunday Mass is broadcast on WGN in Chicago each Sunday and viewed by thousands each week.

Noha Home – Foyer

One of six residential programs, or Homes, at the West Loop campus, Noha Home serves some of our youngest residents. All of our residents are placed in Homes based on age, developmental and therapeutic needs. Each Home provides a healthy, nurturing, and safe living space where the children can learn and grow.

Noha Home – Living Area

Decorated with our young men in mind, the living space of each of our Homes allows our young men to gather for everything from socializing to group therapy sessions. Living spaces like this one are meant to bring a sense of comfort, community, and safety to our young men.