Already have a Donor Advised Fund?

If you currently have a donor advised fund with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund, or Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, you can help our children today by using the DAF Direct Tool on the right.  Simply scroll down to your provider, recommend that a contribution be made to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, and fill in your personal information.  The gift will automatically be debited from your donor advised fund.

If your donor advised fund isn’t listed here, or if you would prefer to send a gift by check, simply reach out to your DAF administrator and recommend that a contribution be made to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.  Once you make the recommendation to your DAF advisor, a check will be sent directly to Mercy Home from your fund.

Interested In Setting Up a Donor Advised Fund?

Supporting all your worthy causes has never been so easy. The Mercy Home for Boys & Girls Donor Advised Fund (MHBG Donor Advised Fund) gives you unparalleled flexibility—from what you donate, to when you donate—our team of experts will help you revolutionize your giving plan.

With the MHBG Donor Advised Fund, you make charitable contributions when it’s most convenient for you, manage those assets and make donations (known as grants) to qualified charities when you feel moved, rather than by December 31. Best of all, your recordkeeping is simplified with just one tax substantiation letter regardless of how many charities you support.