Supporting Chicago Youth and Families

About MercyWorks

MercyWorks consists of two parts. The first is the full time 40 hours a week of work with Mercy Home Youth.  MercyWorkers serve as coaches and advocates for our young people and their families by building intimate relationships through weekly check-ins and quarterly care planning meetings.

The second part of MercyWorks is living in an intentional community with 15 other recent college grads from all across the country.  MercyWorkers take part in weekly community nights and seasonal retreat that are focused around the five core values which include social justice, sustainability, spirituality, community, and professional development.  MercyWorkers also commit to checking in with their housemates through weekly 1 on 1s and weekly house meetings.  MercyWorkers are provided with the opportunity to build life long relationships with people who are all acting as support systems to Mercy Home Youth and families.

Sixth year in a row Mercy Home for Boys & Girls named among the top places to work by the Chicago Tribune!

Application Process:

1. Submit application through online portal

(20-30 minute process)

2. Q&A with MercyWorks Coordinator

(15 minute process)

3. Phone interview

(1 hour process)

4. Submit 2 essays

(1-2 pages each)

5. In person interview


MercyWorks is an AmeriCorps program and receives funding through the Serve Illinois Commission.