Is Mercy Home for Boys & Girls a scam?

Mercy Home is aware of individuals who are attempting to solicit donations using our name door-to-door in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. Mercy Home does not ask for donations this way and suggests visiting our safe and secure website,

If you encounter this situation, we recommend calling the police immediately.

Is Mercy Home a Scam?

Did you recently receive a piece of mail from Fr. Scott Donahue at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and think his letter might be a scam? We would love to tell you more about the organization and why Fr. Scott sends mail to you to help support our kids.

Our History

Mercy Home is not a scam. In fact, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has served young people in crisis in Chicago since 1887. Back then, Chicago Archbishop Patrick Feehan saw a need in Chicago to provide a solution to the growing crisis of homeless kids trying to make it on their own in the big city. Chicago could be a dangerous place, and these young men often had nowhere to turn for safety, food, or a place to sleep.

How We Help Kids

Since then, Mercy Home has expanded and now offers a variety of services to hurting young men and women and their families.

Mercy Home’s Residential Care program serves more than 170 abused, neglected, and abandoned young people each year. They live in one of 14 homes and receive not only food, shelter, and medical care, but also therapeutic support, and academic and vocational guidance and opportunities.

Our Friends First mentoring program provides caring, supportive mentors for at-risk kids in the community.

After our young people leave our direct care, we continue to provide support. AfterCare continues to work with former residents and who have moved out of full-time residential care and their family members. Additionally, AfterCare operates a supportive housing program for our former residents.

Additionally, our Admissions team helps provide guidance to young people who seek help whether or not Mercy Home is the best solution for their individual needs.

About Our Kids

Young men and women ages 11-21 come to live in the youth residential program at Mercy Home in pursuit of a different vision for their lives. They seek a way forward from suffering, desperation, and poverty. They seek hope, opportunity, and success. In Mercy Home’s care, they are finally able to focus on school, heal from traumas of the past, feel safe and secure in a home, develop self-control, build healthy relationships, lean on others for support, and cultivate responsibility by holding a job. In short, young people come to live with us to realize their full potential.

Who is Fr. Scott?

Fr. Scott Donahue, president/ceo

Fr. Scott Donahue is a real person – in fact, he’s our President here at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Fr. Scott has been serving the young people at Mercy Home for 27 years. Fr. Scott’s advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged children is rooted in his ministry as a Catholic priest. Ordained in 1982, Fr. Scott has served as a resident priest in a number of Chicago-area parishes. He works along with our leadership team to ensure the very best care for our young men and women.

Third Party Verification

We have worked hard to ensure that our mission and program services have been verified by independent organizations.

On the non-profit data website, Guidestar, Mercy Home has achieved as Platinum Seal of Transparency by providing required documentation.

The BBB has verified that Mercy Home has met all 20 of their standards of charitable accountability as well as listed us as an accredited charity.

Why Your Support Matters

Here at Mercy Home, we rely on support from our many friends and benefactors to care for our kids. In fact, we are nearly 100% privately funded. Fr. Scott Donahue reaches out to a variety of generous supporters each year to ensure that we can continue providing the very best resources to the young people entrusted to our care.

If you would like more information about Mercy Home, or would like to schedule a visit, please call 312-738-7560.