A special thank you this week to our friends of Divine Mercy Crusade in the congregation.

Homily Transcript

Crazy, crazy. That’s what I would have thought if I were Thomas, and my friends came to me and said, “Hey, Jesus our friend who we saw crucified and die on the cross, He’s walking among us and talking with us.” I would have thought, “Guys, you are crazy.”

We can understand why Thomas would have felt that way, and we could understand why he had to see for himself to believe. And Jesus accommodates that Thomas sees and he comes to believe. One of the things that we remember today in this gospel, is that one of the ways that we come to encounter the risen Christ in our lives is how we believe and share that risen life, and how we come to live with and among one another, how we treat one another.

Today, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. We remember that part of our faith tells us that God is all loving and merciful. He loves us and He has mercy on us. And if we believe in the risen Lord living in us, then we too must share that same compassion and love of mercy for us with each other. And you know, that is easier said than done. Anybody can do good works, but when we do good things for one another, when we are compassionate and merciful to one another in the name of Jesus, we help others who perhaps might live as Thomas, unbelieving, we help those come to see in us the living Christ in our words and in our actions.

Today, let’s think about all the people who do good for us and recognize how they help us and how we can help them through our good works come to truly believe as Thomas. The risen Lord is here and living now in us and among us.