A special thank you this week to our friends St. Mary of the Woods Parish, Chicago in the congregation.

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This old guy Charlie gets bit by a dog with rabies. He goes to the doctor and he’s making a list while waiting for the doctor. The doctor comes out and says, “Charlie there’s no need to make a will, you’re gonna be fine. I have medicine to cure your rabies.” And Charlie says, “Doc, I’m not making a will. I’m making a list of all the people I want to bite.” You know sometimes we got so caught up with our own agenda, success, and doubts, and our troubles. We cannot see Jesus, as he walks with us, or even runs after us. Some years ago, there was a movie entitled, The City of Joy, starring Patrick Swayze. And Swayze goes off to India to find himself, to discover life’s real meaning and purpose. He becomes friends with a woman who runs a clinic for the poor, and the sick. Has given her whole life to the poor and sick. And they meet each other and she constantly is challenging Swayze who finds if difficult to express his feelings.

At one point in the movie she looks at him and says, “In life we have three choices; to run, to be a spectator, or to commit. We have three choices. We can run, be a spectator, or commit The choice is ours.” Now the same hold through for all of us as believers of the Lord. If we are rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ, we may at times still doubt, lack faith, ask questions, and struggle. We’ll never really totally get lost. And I think I’ve discovered the secret of life. The secret of life is this; to hunger is good, to hunger is good. All of us seek fullness. We want life to connect, to make sense. We want to make a difference. We all seek happiness, meaning, and purpose with life. Allowing the Lord to be part of our life can open up new doors of joy, peace, and meaning that we never dreamed possible. May the Lord fill our deepest hunger. The believer acknowledges the gift of life and embraces the dream of Jesus.

You know we live in a world where there exists much sin, suffering, pain, hardship, and wrong-doing. And sin is not always doing something wrong. Sin is sometimes doing nothing at all. Do our lives grow as weeds? Do your lives grow as wheat? Weeds choke? Wheat is life for others. Maybe we need to begin today sorting the weeds and wheat in our own lives, before it’s too late. Remember this about life; if we want the rainbow, we have to put up with the rain.