Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily Transcript

In reading the Gospel, I was reminded of a wedding I celebrated yesterday at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish here in the Archdiocese of Chicago. It was a wonderful wedding. It was a nice day. It was a couple who were in their 30s, both getting married for the first time. About 300 people in the church. Everything was decorated beautifully. The music started. They had nine in the bridal party, nine bridesmaids, nine groomsmen. It’s a big bridal party. And they’re processing up and the bride was being walked up the aisle by both her mother and her father. Just beautiful. She’s about two-thirds down the aisle and I turn to look at the groom. No groom. There was no groom. I said, “Where is he?” So, literally, I ran off the altar. I went into the back sacristy. There he was sitting, chatting with the sacristan. I said, “You’re getting married. Get in here. Run!”

I guess everyone could hear it and I could hear them laughing in the church. Well, it almost was a disaster. But it turned out beautifully well. It was a wonderful celebration. You know, a wedding celebration in the Scriptures is an image of the Kingdom of God. Great joy, people gathered, enjoying one another and appreciating love and life. There’s a thing I want to say about the Scripture too. When Jesus refers to Mary and he calls her “mother,” it sounds a little strong at first. But the translation really means dear one, the one that I love.

Jesus is there. Mary is embarrassed. It was probably a niece or a nephew’s wedding. She’s asking her son, “Do whatever you can to help.” Jesus was obedient to his mother. He heard what she said and we know what the miracle. The miracle was a miracle of abundance. There was more than enough wine for everyone, and the choicest of wines. Wine is a symbol of joy. There was great joy at this celebration. The invitation of the Gospel, I think the lesson of the Gospel, really is when we invite the Lord into our lives, when we invite the Lord into these most important moments. When the Lord is present, there is always abundance, an abundance of God’s love and life for us.


First Reading:

Isaiah 62:1-51

Second Reading:

1 Corinthians 12:4-11


John 2:1-11

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