Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Sixth Sunday of Easter Homily Transcript

For some reason, when I come across this reading, I immediately go back to the days when I first learned how to ride a bicycle, you know two wheeler without training wheels, it’s quite scary, right? But I had my brother behind me running alongside he had his hand on the back of the, the seat of the bicycle. And eventually, eventually he let go, he let go and then I was like really trying to navigate. This, this wasn’t just a few days ago, this was a little bit time ago. But actually, It worked out okay, because what it taught me was that, even though he wasn’t there,  I remembered the things that , the lessons he taught me in how to ride the bicycle. Well, today is the six Sunday of Easter.

And in the readings today, offered to us a chance to be reassured , that although there is great joy and great, wonderful news when we listen to , the gospel narrative speaking about this Easter season unfolding for us, and we See the joy and the energy of the new church, the church that is on fire really ready, filled with the Spirit to proclaim the risen Lord. Yet there’s growing pains in that church. As we heard in our first reading, the church is growing and working out its identity. It’s people begin to get together and try to work together, facing new realities. But what does that mean? They question, what does it mean for us to be a follower of Christ?

The Christians we were assured that that same abiding spirit, which formed and shaped that early church is with us even now, is with the apostles, is with us. comforts us especially, you know when you and I go through those unsettling moments, new realities, new challenges that we might face, the joy of knowing the love of the Father and the risen bond and the gifts of the Holy Spirit the advocate, assures us that we’re not alone. God is at work in our lives. The risen Christ invites us to see this love of the Father, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the communion of the church as Christ body. When we begin to set again and set out in a new way, new challenges that face us, let’s be reassured of the loving presence of God, the risen Lord. The gift of peace that he offers to us is insurmountable, It’s beautiful, it’s unsurpassable in any way we think we can imagine. And then let’s be instruments of his peace, along the way, with our brothers and sisters. That way, will remind us not to be afraid, but to share, in the gift of peace that we have received first.


First Reading:

Acts 15:1-2, 22-29

Second Reading:

Revelation 21:10-14, 22-23


John 14:23-29

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