Fourth Sunday of Advent

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Fourth Sunday of Advent Homily Transcript


Joseph was the greatest man that ever lived other than his son, but only Mary his wife was immaculate, which meant Joseph could hear the whisperings of the enemy telling him to do something or telling him lies. Don’t take Mary, your wife, into your home. She was pregnant by some other means than you. That’s not the truth, of course. And so, Joseph is going to divorce her quietly.

And God sends Angel Gabriel to, sort of wake him up to smack him, he says, “Don’t do this.” Now, what are the lies that are whispered into your head sometimes or maybe know currently going on right now. You know, you might think, like it’s not a big deal, but maybe, it’s okay, instead of going to mass on Sunday morning, I’ll just sleep in. I have this, I’m entitled to a little extra rest. Or, you know that person I’m fighting with this year, that estranged acquaintance, I’m not going to send them a Christmas card this year. Or, you know, I’ll just watch an extra 10 minutes on YouTube instead of going to bed when I should or, you know, maybe reading the Bible or something else.

Just little whisperings like that. They’re not going to ruin our life and ruin our soul. But if we’re able to stop and think and allow Christ to speak to us, we’ll realize those proposals that the enemy is giving us are not going to actually make us fulfilled or bring us any sort of life or joy. But what Christ offers us and said, the life of prayer and giving and sacrifice – that actually is a life that’s very joyful and life giving. Joseph is able to do that.

Now, the reason why Joseph was able to listen to the voice of God, to the angel of light and not the Angel of Darkness was because he did have some acquaintance or familiarity with the Blessed Mother. And so, what we can do in these upcoming days before Christmas is spend some time with Mary and Joseph and especially ask Mary to pray for you if you’re struggling to listen to the to the right voice and if you feel like those whisperings of the enemy are kind of getting into your head.

The Blessed Mother, she stopped the head of the serpent one time. She’ll do it again. Now she’ll protect you and you’ll be able to in a couple of days hold that that baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. And I don’t think he’s going to smack you. I think he’s actually going to grasp your face and smile at you and kiss you.



First Reading:

Is 7:10-14

Second Reading:

Rom 1:1-7


Mt 1:18-24 (10)

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