Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Sunday Mass - Apr 10, 2022 - Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Fr. Carl Morello
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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Homily Transcript

>>Friends, today let us remember that we who gather on this Palm Sunday bring our own personal sorrows, disappointments, faults, pain and sin. We bring it and we walk. Not alone, but with Jesus. We bring these things with us as we journey to a place that no one really wants to ever go. And we hold all of the messiness of our own lives in one hand while we take the hand of Jesus and the other. And we walked, as Jesus did, trusting that our crosses will not be the end of the story. And so today we are reminded to walk with Jesus and trust as he did, that there will be a day that will come when joy and peace and meaning fill our hearts, no matter what might be happening around us today. The day will come when our crosses have no power over us. And so on. This Palm Sunday were invited to walk hand in hand with our Lord Jesus Christ. In friends, walking confidently with Jesus.  



First Reading:

Lk 19:28-40 (37)

Second Reading:

Is 50:4-7


Phil 2:6-11

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