Throughout the month of December, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls invites you to count down the days till the holiday with our 12 Kids of Christmas! Every day, we’ll bring you stories of our group home, from inspiring happenings to in-depth stories of our children’s journeys from hurt to hope.

So pour a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy these stories—some heartwarming, some tragic—but all of them filled with hope. As you read, know that your friendship with our Catholic charity is a gift to our kids, bringing them safety, healing and a loving home for the holidays. Please consider making a donation today to make the Christmas season bright for each of our kids.

Tim's Essay

With our first kid of Christmas, we bring you a heartbreaking essay Tim wrote about struggling through the holidays before finding Mercy Home.

Christmas Video with Our Girls

Watch this video of our girls opening presents last Christmas to see just how special the holidays at Mercy Home can be.

Alex's Story

With our second kid of Christmas, we introduce you to Alex whose life took him from an abusive home to one where he is safe and loved.

Let Our Kids Know!

Tell us: What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

Julia's Story

From struggling at home with a mentally ill mother to being homeless on the streets, our third kid of Christmas introduces you to young Julia.

Exciting News From School!

Our kids have been working hard in school, and want to share some of their proudest accomplishments from the last few weeks.

Sophie's Story

At a very young age, Sophie—our fourth kid of Christmas—learned to put the holidays out of her mind entirely.

Neglected on Christmas Eve

Kate, a youthcare worker, tells the story of keeping one of our girls company on Christmas Eve after her mom refused to pick her up for the holidays.

CJ's Story

You'd never know, while watching CJ effortlessly hit a home run or bring home another A on a science test, the unspeakable pain he's known...

A Visit From the Mayor!

Our kids present their gift to the city of Chicago to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Andy's Story

For Andy, our sixth kid of Christmas, the holidays were just another time of pain and sadness—until he found his way to Mercy Home.

Our Girls Make Ornaments

Check out this photo of our girls making Christmas ornaments!

Leah's Story

Our seventh kid of Christmas tells the story of Leah, a young girl who was afraid of the holidays before coming to Mercy Home.

A Glimpse Inside Our Christmas Home

What's Christmastime like at the Girls Home? A youth care worker tells all.

Larry's Story

Larry, our eighth kid of Christmas, had been doing well in school, but he started hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Let Our Kids Know!

"What do you love about winter?"

Danielle's Story

Danielle, our ninth kid of Christmas, tells the story of her first warm and loving holiday at Mercy Home.

Send a Christmas Ecard

Spread some holiday cheer by sending friends and family an Ecard today!

Christmas Stories: Ivan & Belen's Story

Meet our 10th kids of Christmas, Ivan and Belen—siblings who found strength in one another and Mercy Home.

Tell our kids!

What are you most grateful for this holiday season?

Mayra's Story

Our eleventh kid of Christmas is Mayra, a girl who found confidence in herself at Mercy Home.

Our Kids Give Back

This holiday season, our boys and girls found ways to make the season bright for others.

Jorge's Story

Watch a video of a "Day in the Life" of Jorge, our twelfth kid of Christmas, and read his moving story.

The Nativity at Mercy Home

Our beautiful Nativity scene brings hope, love, and peace to our children throughout the Christmas season.

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