Fr. Scotts Corner – The Lord is Kind and Merciful

Fr. Scotts Corner – The Lord is Kind and Merciful

An old priest and a young priest were sitting together one Sunday evening in front of the fireplace. The young priest asked his mentor, “Why is it that fellowship is so important for people of faith?” 

The old priest got up and got a poker for the fireplace. He took a small piece of wood that had been burning on top of the pile and placed it by itself. Pretty soon, the small piece of wood, with no fuel from the rest of the wood, went cold. 

“Faith is like this ember,” explained the old priest. “As people of faith, we must commune with each other in order to keep our spirituality alive. Without each other, our faith grows cold.” 

Fellowship is an important part of living our Catholic faith, and relationships are one of the most important things in our lives. But it’s our relationships with other Christians that are especially important. We are brothers and sisters in Christ—this is a special distinction even beyond friendship. The bonds that believers develop is a level of closeness that goes beyond a typical friendship—instead, it’s biblical fellowship. 

There is some comfort in knowing that we aren’t meant to navigate life alone. Jesus made it clear that we need the love and support of other Christians in all seasons of life. 

This is why Sunday Mass at Mercy Home is such a vital part of the Chicagoland community of faith, especially in these difficult times where we may feel more disconnected than ever. Through our broadcast, those who are ailing or homebound may share in worship with one another right in our living rooms. Every week, we make up a group of tens of thousands. What an amazing source of prayer and spiritual comfort we provide for one another! 

As you share in our worship service this month, please think about the thousands of others who are joining with you in song and prayer. Their spiritual support is a blessing in your life, just as yours is a blessing in theirs. May God bless you this month! 

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