Youth Residential Programs

Youth Residential Programs in Chicago

The child residential centers at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls support the growth and success of kids who come to us in crisis. We care for youth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We help each child develop an individualized success plan that will guide their progress through our continuum-of-care. Each child is placed in one of 14 specialized residential programs within Mercy Home based on their age and level of emotional and developmental need. As they make progress against their success plans, meeting the goals and objectives we help them create, youth advance through our residential program.

Each residential program at Mercy Home provides a structured space for a young person to work on their education, personal development, daily living skills and emotional healing. Mercy Home also works with the families of the boys and girls to provide an anchor for them in the community upon leaving the program.

We provide care for our youth on two separate campuses:

Hay Boys Campus

Girls Campus