Spiritual Retreat Gives Young People A Chance to Explore Their Identities

Spiritual Retreat Gives Young People A Chance to Explore Their Identities

Once again this year youth and staff from the Walsh Campus traveled to La Salle Manor for 2 days of relaxation, reflection, and reprieve at the annual Fall Spiritual Retreat.

The theme this year, “Reality Check,” was designed to encourage the 16 youth participants to think about the core pieces of their identity, to explore the influences of that identity, and to examine how they presented that identity to the world. In one session, the youth thought about how social media skews the truth. They were asked to think about what they shared with the world by turning a Polaroid into an art project. Youth also participated in a cross the line activity allowing them to share parts of their identity with each other without saying any words

In another session, youth identified unfair and untrue stereotypes the world has placed on them by writing those stereotypes with dry erase marker on a mirror. They then wrote pieces of their true identity with sharpie and were allowed to cathartically wipe away the falsehoods.

On Saturday afternoon, two youth, Lali and Alejandra, organized the group builder, which was a round of hula hoop Rock, Paper, scissors—probably everyone’s highlight of the retreat. 

On Saturday evening, all were asked to think about the “storms” of their lives, the “umbrellas” that protect them, and the “Rainbows” that are always overhead. On Sunday morning, all participated in centering and restoring yoga.

Overall, the weekend was a great opportunity for a break away from the city, with some taking time to lounge on couches or play Uno. Some others woke up early for a walk in the brisk morning air. It was the perfect place for our young people to relax, recharge, and spend time together.

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