Archangel Corner: Midge’s Giving Story

Archangel Corner: Midge’s Giving Story

The value of a good home is what drew Midge to Mercy Home decades ago and what inspired her to include our young people in her will. “I was moved by the fact that children consider Mercy Home their home and come back when they need to in life,” she said. Below, Midge generously shared her story—about the school year that changed her life, her drive to give to others, and where she finds joy and strength to keep going.

Her Story Began in Grade School

“I met my husband in third grade! We were from a small community and his sister and I became very good friends. I spent so much time at their house and really came to idolize his older sister, Mary Jo. She was one of those really, really good people. I thought that family was tops! So, Bill and I were just natural. I didn’t start dating him until we were in our twenties, but we had been friends for a lot of years.”

It’s the Little Things

“I’ve been a blessed person. I liked being at home and being a mother. I raised my family of four and did volunteer work in our Catholic schools. I’m a birder; I like watching birds and Bill and I used to travel within the country during migrations. The simple, little things make me happy.”

“The simple, little things make me happy.”

On the Power of Estate Planning

“It’s such a privilege to see the power and potential for these children once they are in Mercy Home’s care. I think about the Biblical story of the loaves and the fishes, and how the man who shared his food didn’t go hungry. He was part of the thousands who were fed. He gave what he had, but he benefited too. It’s the same with us. We are given the wherewithal to share—and when we do, we’re fed just the same. It’s such a natural thing, to be able to be in a position to give so that everyone gains.”

Her Simple Giving Method

“The lady who prepares my taxes told me about [the tax savings I’d receive by] giving through my IRA. It just seemed the reasonable and simple thing to do. I’m taking my 10% off the top and saying this doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to God. So, I do that and if something else comes along that I’d like to contribute to, I can, but I’ve done what God has asked of me. I’ve given my five loaves and two fishes!”

On Living a Joyful Life

“At my age, I figure I’ve been left here for some reason, so there must be something I’m meant to do. I spend time writing to friends who need encouragement. We have about 12 acres of land and I can walk and enjoy my garden. I have a lot of freedom that many people my age don’t have, so I figure, I need to use it. I also love eating and so I like to cook! I read cookbooks, add recipes to my repertoire, and I enjoy it! There are so many things to be interested in that you can’t possibly be bored, if you open your eyes.”

We are forever grateful to Midge, and to friends like you who have remembered our children in your estate plans. Thank you for being a true Archangel and bringing hope to those in need.

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