Meet Our Board Members: Ernest Codilis

Meet Our Board Members: Ernest Codilis

Ernest Codilis headshot

Ambassadors of Mercy

Born: Berwyn, IL

College and major: Western Illinois University, political science. JD at DePaul University College of Law

Position: CEO at Codilis & Associates

“We have law firms in five states: Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Texas. I oversee all legal operations of the firm and I advise the president of the firm, which is my son Adam Codilis.”

Favorite travel destination:

“Probably my favorite place was Cambodia. We visited a charity that we support, and we got to see some of the children and charity, and it was really an interesting trip. And the people in Cambodia were wonderful, kind people. The charity is called EGBOK and it stands for “Everything’s Gonna Be Ok”. It’s a charity that basically takes young people from villages in Cambodia and they train them in the hospitality industry, because Cambodia is now becoming a little bit more tourist friendly and the average people in Cambodia make pennies a day. So, it’s giving these kids a chance to go work on cruise ships or some of the new hotels that they’re building in Cambodia and make quite a bit more money and provide a good living for their family.”

Finding Mercy Home:

“I’ve been connected to Mercy Home now for probably over 35 years. I started making financial donations to Mercy Home and then I got to know Fr. Close. As I got to know Fr. Close a little bit better, I got more and more involved with Mercy Home – trying to raise money and being involved with activities. Three of my children have also run for Mercy Home in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:

“It’s the children. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful childhood, and when times have gotten hard in my life, I reflect on the wonderful childhood that I had – how safe and secure I felt. And I still think to myself, ‘I want every kid to have the same kind of childhood that I had.’ And I want these children to be able to come to Mercy Home to experience the same kind of love and support that I had, so later on in life they can look back at the times they had at Mercy Home and realize that they’re part of a family and that they’re loved.”

Proudest accomplishment:

“That’s easy – my four children and marrying my wife Pam.”

Mercy Home legacy:

“That my family’s time and generosity spent at Mercy Home would make a difference for Children who come to Mercy Home in the future.”

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