Favorite Fall Study Tips

Favorite Fall Study Tips

The leaves are falling, it’s sweater weather, and pumpkin spice aromas are in the air! Yes, fall has finally arrived, and what a beautiful time of year it is. But with a stack of homework piled a mile high, how will you ever find time to soak it all in?

Don’t worry, with a little planning, you can take in the fall foliage AND maintain your GPA. Here are a few of our favorite fall study tips that will help ensure the season doesn’t pass you by.

Study Tip #1: Reading

kid reading

Here’s an easy one – have chapters upon chapters of reading to do? Do it outside! Grab your books, pack up some snacks, pick up a hot beverage, and head for the park. This will give you a chance to wear your coziest clothes and breathe in the fresh air while getting your work done.

Study Tip #2: Writing a paper

Ok, maybe it’s too cold outside. And now that you’ve caught up on your reading, it’s time to write a paper. Find a space to work that is near a window – you’ll want to be able to see the scenery outside. Plus, sitting next a window in a well lit place helps inspire creativity and ideas. Make sure to put your favorite fall tunes in your earbuds as well!

Study Tip #3: Speech or presentation

Alright, you’ve been living your best fall life – you spent a chilly day at the park reading and stayed warm writing a paper at home. But you’re starting to get bored – you need some company. Luckily, you have a presentation to give and you need an audience to practice on! Whether it’s family, friends, or roommates – gather whoever you can (virtually of course) and practice your presentation. Focus on your pace, eye contact, and incorporating your visuals. Encourage questions at the end as well.

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