Favorite Fall Study Tips

Favorite Fall Study Tips

The leaves are falling, it’s sweater weather, and pumpkin spice aromas are in the air! Yes, fall has finally arrived, and what a beautiful time of year it is. But with a stack of homework piled a mile high, how will you ever find time to soak it all in?

Don’t worry, with a little planning, you can take in the fall foliage AND maintain your GPA. Here are a few of our favorite fall study tips that will help ensure the season doesn’t pass you by.

Study Tip #1: Reading

kid reading

Here’s an easy one – have chapters upon chapters of reading to do? Do it outside! Grab your books, pack up some snacks, pick up a hot beverage, and head for the park. This will give you a chance to wear your coziest clothes and breathe in the fresh air while getting your work done.

Study Tip #2: Writing a paper

Ok, maybe it’s too cold outside. And now that you’ve caught up on your reading, it’s time to write a paper. If you have a laptop, to go to your local coffee shop and work there. If you don’t have a laptop, go to the library. The key is finding a space to work that is near a window – you’ll want to be able to see the scenery outside. Plus, getting out of the house to do your work will help remove distractions – like tv and video games. Make sure to put your favorite fall tunes in your earbuds as well!

Study Tip #3: Speech or presentation

Alright, you’ve been living your best fall life – you spent a chilly day at the park reading and stayed warm writing a paper in the coffee shop. But you’re starting to get bored – you need some company. Luckily, you have a presentation to give and you need an audience to practice on! Whether it’s family, friends, or roommates – gather whoever you can and practice your presentation. Focus on your pace, eye contact, and incorporating your visuals. Encourage questions at the end as well. And when you’re done, share some delicious fall snacks with your audience, like apple cider, pumpkin muffins, or candy corn!


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