Computer and Internet Resources for Homework

Computer and Internet Resources for Homework

Being a student in today’s world is much different than it used to be. Kids are spending less time wandering the library to find answers and more time cruising the internet. As laptops become the norm in classrooms and homework and the internet go hand in hand, we understand that not everybody has access to these tools at home.

We have provided a list of resources that you can use in the Chicago area that will help your child gain access to a computer and internet, so they can stay on track with their homework.

Chicago Public Library

One of the best resources to access computers and the internet for homework is the Chicago Public Library. A benefit of using the public library is that you can actually reserve a computer in advance if you have a big assignment coming up and need to ensure the availability of a computer. The catch to accessing computers at the public library? You must have a library card. Children younger than 14 are eligible for a juvenile card and will need to have a parent or guarantor sign their application and present an ID with a home address displayed. Children 14 and older can use a valid high school ID but will also need another form of ID with their home address.

For more information about computer access at Chicago public libraries, please visit:

Chicago Housing Authority Digital Resource Center

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Digital Resource Centers provide community members computer and internet access at various locations across the city. Anyone can access these computer labs, though some locations may require an ID for entry. You do not have to be a resident of a CHA to access the Digital Resource Centers.

For more information regarding locations and hours of CHA Digital Resource Centers, please visit:

Comcast Internet Essentials

If you wish to have the convenience of a computer or internet directly in your home and are looking for an affordable option, Comcast Internet Essentials is one option to consider. If you match the criteria for this program, home internet can be available for $9.95 per month and a laptop or desktop computer can be purchased for $149.99. There are several ways in which to be eligible for Internet Essentials, such as having a child who qualifies for the National School Lunch Program, those receiving public housing assistance, and low-income veterans.

For more information about Comcast Internet Essentials, please visit:

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