In the Kitchen with Nyah: Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

Join our Manager of Food Service Operations, Nyah Griffin, as she shares her Mercy Home-famous recipe for Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza. Huge thanks to Nyah for sharing her delicious recipe!

“Trauma Is a Public Health Crisis”

Learn more about why Mercy Home has endorsed a bill currently before Congress: the Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Families Act of 2017.

Trauma and Brain Development in Children

Where practitioners once used psychological, emotional, and behavioral terms to diagnose the effects of trauma, there is now scientific evidence of altered brain functioning due to early abuse and neglect.

Engaging Students Impacted by Trauma and Adversity

Liz Tomka and Andrea Simari of our education program talk about how to work in the classroom with students impacted by trauma and adversity.

Complex Trauma Video

Video: Developmental Impact of Complex Trauma

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, of the Trauma Center in Boston, outlines a series of perspectives and initiatives for treating complex trauma among adolescents.

The Importance of Art Therapy

We talked with Nikki who is an art therapist at our Craft Cottage and how it’s helped our girls.