Helping Your Teen Find a Job: Applications

Helping Your Teen Find a Job: Applications

Applications can be picked up in person or found online under a company website’s Careers, Jobs, Join Us or About Us sections. Here are some basic tips for making a positive impression through a job application:

  1. Use proper spelling. Encourage your child to write answers in a Word Document and check the spelling and grammar before copying and pasting them into the final application.
  2. Avoid contractions. For example, change “don’t” to “do not.”
  3. Try not to leave anything blank. If the application asks for work experience, your teen can include babysitting or volunteer work and list wages as $0 – or if there is space, to write, “Volunteer.”
  4. If your teen must leave something blank, he or she should write, “N/A” (not applicable). This demonstrates attention to detail.
  5. For available hours, your teen should provide a specific range like, “4:00pm-10:00pm,” instead of giving a general answer like, “after school,” “evening,” or “open.”

Tips for paper applications:

  • Keep it NEAT! There should be no stains, wrinkles or white-out. Your teen should make a copy of the application and write a rough draft—then review and rewrite the best answers on the original. They should carry all applications and resumes in a folder; it looks extra professional, and it keeps important papers safe.
  • Use good handwriting! Potential employers often use handwriting to judge whether an applicant is neat, sloppy, organized, or consistent.

Tips for online applications:

  • While it is sometimes more convenient to complete applications online, most of the young people at Mercy Home are hired after a one-on-one meeting with prospective employers. Because teens have less work experience, they need to capitalize on their personalities and professional interactions.

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