Thomas Gains Confidence at Mercy Home

Thomas Gains Confidence at Mercy Home

With much uncertainty in the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that we remain hopeful for the future. Like other difficult moments in history, we must remind ourselves that this, too, shall pass.
For many of our young people, hope has been elusive in their lives. They have experienced tremendous hardships and challenges. The care we provide helps them heal from these past traumas and discover their path towards brighter futures. 
When Thomas arrived at our Home, he was still grieving the death of his father. It absolutely broke my heart to watch him cope with such a terrible loss, at such a young age. Thomas was so shy and quiet that he never interacted with the other boys and spent most the day in his supervisor’s office. He was overwhelmed by his depression.

Thomas was so shy and quiet that he never interacted with the other boys and spent most the day in his supervisor’s office. He was overwhelmed by his depression.

Thomas loved his father very much, and to watch as he battled cancer caused him great emotional pain. Thomas did not want to attend school while his father was sick; he wanted to stay at home to comfort his father. When his father passed away, it took a toll on the entire family, but it was particularly heartbreaking for Thomas.
As a balm for her grief, Thomas’s mother developed a substance abuse problem. He remembers the day he walked into the kitchen and drugs were sitting out on the counter. Though his mother tried to hide them, Thomas knew what they were. He was scared that his mother was using drugs, and he wanted to help, but he didn’t know how.
Thomas felt hopeless. He was too depressed to go to school – it seemed meaningless and he was worried about leaving his mother alone. Because of his truancy, Thomas was eventually assigned a social worker. It didn’t take long for the social worker to realize that Thomas and his mother were grieving the loss of his father, and that their home life had become unsuitable for a child. The social worker presented Thomas and his mother with several different options, one of which was Mercy Home. 

Thomas decided that Mercy Home was the best place for him, yet making the transition proved to be difficult. You see, socializing never came easy to Thomas, and sharing a living space with other boys was a significant adjustment. As time went on, Thomas found strength through therapy. In working with his therapist, Thomas was able to share his feelings about his father’s death. As he transitioned from middle school to high school, he found comfort in discussing academic pressures with his tutor. Now, attendance is no longer a problem for Thomas, and he is earning A’s and B’s.
 Yet some of Thomas’s biggest breakthroughs have come during group therapy with the other boys. He found that sharing personal stories and feelings with others helped form friendships with the other boys. He even considers himself a leader of the group now and has challenged himself by taking on public speaking opportunities at school. 
It has been so inspiring to see Thomas transform from such a shy and quiet boy, to a confident young man with many friends. He told me that he is grateful for Mercy Home, because before he came here, he didn’t know who he really was. 
Thank you so much for helping kids like Thomas find the help that they desperately need.

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