Remembering Your Loved Ones this All Souls’ Day

I would like you to imagine someone close to you—a friend, a loved one, a family member—who is no longer with us.

Maybe you’ll think of your mother, and how she cared for you. Maybe you’ll think of your spouse, and all the wonderful memories you shared.

Or, maybe you’ll remember a child, who was tragically taken too early from this world.

I know that you—like many members of our Sunday Mass community of faith—may have lost loved ones this year. And, as the Feast of All Souls draws near, I find myself reflecting on friends and loved ones who have passed on, and I’m sure you do as well.

All Souls’ Day gives us the opportunity to pray and reflect on the goodness that our deceased friends and family brought into our lives before they were called home to God. We can take comfort in knowing that we will one day be reunited with them in Heaven. And, as we always do, the Sunday Mass at Mercy Home family will remember our departed loved ones on All Souls’ Day.

One of the great benefits of our Sunday Mass is the ability for thousands of good people who are unable to join in the Mass at their local churches to share in the Eucharist through our broadcast. Especially on feast days, it is a great gift for us to share in worship, song, and prayer.

Please take a moment to remember and send in the names of those good people who have graced your life so that our community of faith may pray for them.

Know that you have a place in my prayers and in the prayers of our parish family, and please be assured that we remember your friends and family in our prayers this All Souls’ Day. And, just as many of our community members will be praying for your departed loved ones, I humbly ask that you keep a special place in your prayers for theirs.