Hope Through Faith

Hope Through Faith

I recently remembered an old story I once heard about twins growing in their mother’s womb. The two babies converse with one another about whether their mother actually exists. One twin is certain and believes firmly in her, even though he cannot see her. He feels her all around him, nourishing him and caring for him. He truly believes that one day, he will see his mother face to face.

But the other baby is less certain. He cannot see his mother. It is too difficult for him to believe in her or take it on faith that she exists. Instead, he clings to the idea that the womb is the only world and the only reality.

Eventually, the twins feel a jolt. And before long, they are born. As it turns out, the baby who believed in the mother was right all along.

This kind of faith, true faith, is a gift. It is easy for us, knowing what happens while babies are in the womb and when they are born, to side with the twin who believed all along. But can we say the same about our own faith in God? Because this kind of true faith requires the ability to sense something beyond the physical realm of our existence. It requires a spiritual connection to our creator, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Like the baby who believed in his mother, we, as a people of faith, must believe that we will one day come face to face with our God. Because one day, we are all called home to God to be reunited with him.

But until then, in our life on earth, we are called to join together to worship, to share our faith and make it stronger. It is my hope that this month, as you worship with us as a member of our parish of the airwaves, you will rest assured in the knowledge that you have a place in the prayers of our Mercy Home family. I pray that the time we share together through Sunday Mass will strengthen your faith and give you hope.

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