Fr. Scott’s Corner – Spreading the Word

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Spreading the Word

Several months ago, a dear friend of mine had a serious fall and broke her leg. She needed surgery on the broken leg and spent quite a bit of time in the hospital. This woman is as quick as a whip—both in mind and body—so it was difficult to see someone usually so filled with life looking so helpless. She was also, understandably, frustrated that she couldn’t do the things she usually could. One of these things was attending Mass on Sunday mornings with her family.

Of course, being a friend of mine and having some friends who are in more frail health, she knew about Sunday Mass at Mercy Home. But it never occurred to her to watch it herself and participate in the Mass through our broadcast until her accident.

She shared with me that the first morning she shared in our celebration as a parishioner of the airwaves, I was the celebrant. It made her extremely happy to see a familiar face. “I felt like I was attending Mass in person because I saw your face!” she told me.

As we move into the colder months of the year, I know that it will become increasingly difficult for many of the ill and elderly in our community to get out and about, much like it was difficult for my friend.

The good news is that Sunday Mass at Mercy Home broadcasts every week, regardless of the weather. It’s such a wonderful community of people who join together to worship each week. I am proud to say that it touches thousands of lives. That’s why what we do is so important—we provide a tangible link to the local Catholic community. It brings so much comfort to those who rely upon our Mass for spiritual nourishment, whether just for a season or all year long.

Our ministry exists for one purpose: to bring the Eucharist into the lives of those who are unable to attend Mass in their parishes.

Knowing this, I must ask you a favor. If you know someone who could benefit from our TV Mass in the winter months ahead, please tell them about us. Our ministry exists for one purpose: to bring the Eucharist into the lives of those who are unable to attend Mass in their parishes.

Please keep your brothers and sisters in Christ who join our parish of the airwaves each week in your prayers. I hope it brings you comfort to know that I, along with the entire Mercy Home family, is keeping you in our prayers as well. Thank you for being part of this special community.

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