Walking with Childlike Faith

Walking with Childlike Faith

I have a friend who teaches Sunday School at a local parish. She often relays amusing stories to me about the questions her second grade students bring to her about God. They are not like the questions we ask—instead they are filled with simple curiosity. They want to know things like where God lives and what they will eat in heaven.  

While these questions are often humorous, they also demonstrate something quite powerful: the children’s great faith. They don’t feel the need to ask God whether he exists, what happens after life on earth, or any other daunting questions. The children in my friend’s Sunday School class instead give witness to their great faith by sharing honest and sincere feelings. It is the perfect example of childlike faith! 

It is easy to confuse childish and childlike. Childish has a negative connotation and often refers to traits like immaturity, selfishness, or brattiness. These traits are not ones we hope to have as Christians. But childlike is different. Instead, it describes the many beautiful things about children. It refers to things like innocence, curiosity, and wonder.  

“Whoever humbles himself as a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”

– Matthew 18:4

Faith that is childlike is the kind of faith we should have. When faith is childlike, it becomes full of life. Childlike faith is truly a beautiful thing! As Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself as a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:4). In this passage, Jesus refers to an attribute of children that often becomes lost in adults: humility. He challenges us to live more humble, unassuming lives—something that goes against what the culture often tells us to do! We are called to be honest with God in our words and prayers, just like children are. 

This month, I hope you will consider taking on the challenge of thinking and praying more like a child. It may seem initially farfetched, but try to recapture the humility, honesty, and innocence that comes with childlike faith. You may be surprised by the results! 

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