A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full

I once heard a story about an elderly woman who could no longer live by herself and was moving into an assisted-care nursing home. When she was asked how she felt about the move by a social worker, she said that she was excited about her new living arrangement and knew she would be content with it.

The social worker was surprised by her response. She said, “But you haven’t even seen the place. How do you know that you’ll be happy there?”

The elderly woman responded, “I knew that I had to make the move, so I told myself that I was going to be happy and content in my new home. And I will be.” We can learn a great deal from this woman. How we feel about and live our life is affected by the attitude we bring to it. We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to complain. So often, how we feel has much to do with our choices and our attitude.

Is the glass half empty or half full? How do you answer that question? It seems to me that as Christians, the answer should always be the same: half full. Half full is the positive, hope-filled response. And as Christians, are we not to be both positive and hopeful people?

Throughout our lives, we are tested by negative things and people. I think we all know someone who seems to live perpetually under a dark cloud and always sees the bad side of situations. It’s easy to be dragged down by these kinds of people!

Jesus experienced his share of naysayers, too. He also knew people who refused to see possibility or have been so jaded by life that they are unable to live with hope. Instead, they chose defeat, loss, and discouragement.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus brings life into death, hope to despair, light into darkness. As followers of the Lord, we too are to be people of encouragement, people of hope and promise, and people who see great possibilities even in very difficult situations. We know that death does not have the last word. How fortunate we are that our Christian faith reminds us over and over again that God, who is life and love, always has the first and last word. It is in God we trust!

As we gather to celebrate the Eucharist together this month nourished by the very presence of Christ, the Lord of life, let us continue to pray for one another. May we view all things in our life as being at least half full! Let us pray that we might keep a hope-filled attitude while we live our daily lives.

This month, as you worship with us as a member of our faith community, know that you have a place in the prayers of the Mercy Home family. I pray the time we share together strengthens your faith and continues to give you hope.

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