Maria Flourishes at Mercy Home

Maria Flourishes at Mercy Home

Maria always admired her parents’ work ethic. Every day before the sun had even risen, her mom woke up to go to her first of several jobs. And after Maria and her siblings left for school, her dad would go to the first of several jobs of his own. They worked hard, but these jobs didn’t pay very much. This meant that Maria’s family was always struggling to make ends meet.

Because of her parents’ financial struggles, Maria grew up in a small, overcrowded apartment. Her parents’ paychecks just barely covered rent and food. There wasn’t ever extra money for luxuries like toys, extracurricular activities, or fun trips out with the family.

Even despite this, Maria had a happy childhood. She knew that her parents loved her and did their best to provide for her. They made sure that she and her siblings had a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, and that they kept up with their schoolwork. But that all changed when Maria’s parents were in a bad car accident.

Though they both survived, they suffered major injuries that left them unable to work or care
for Maria and her siblings. Suddenly, the family was faced with mounting medical bills and no income to pay them.

With no other options, Maria’s parents made the difficult decision to send her to live with relatives who could care for her during their long recovery. Maria’s siblings were sent to live with another relative. She desperately missed them. It was lonely without her siblings, even surrounded by other family members.

Plus, the relatives that took her in were not able to care for Maria the way that she needed. They had their own children to care for and little money to spare. Even though they were kind, Maria couldn’t help but feel like a burden.

Fortunately, the social worker at the hospital where Maria’s parents were being treated told the family about Mercy Home. It seemed like a glimmer of hope in what had been a very dark time in Maria’s life.

When Maria visited our Home for the first time, she immediately knew that she was in the right place for her. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. And she was thrilled when she heard about all the activities that were offered—she couldn’t wait to learn new skills like gardening and dance!

Maria flourished under the attention our coworkers could provide her. She loved working with her tutor and was excited when she received a report card of all A’s. She also treasured her relationships with the other girls—it was hard to feel lonely when there was always someone around to talk to.

When Maria moved into Mercy Home, she knew that she was in a place where she was safe and loved. Knowing that she had support to face whatever difficulties arose lifted a great burden off her shoulders. She no longer felt like she was just surviving—she was thriving.

Maria’s story truly is a testament to the transformative power of Mercy Home! And with the prayerful support of friends like you, we will be able to continue changing the lives of children just like Maria. Thank you for helping us provide brighter futures to all our boys and girls

Please note: Because we care deeply about protecting our children’s privacy, the names and certain identifying details in this story have been changed. 

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