Our friends at McDonald’s continue to be excellent neighbors, after they reached out to us and asked how they could help our kids. Since relocating their headquarters to the West Loop, just north of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, McDonald’s spirt of giving is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Volunteers from the franchising legal team stopped by recently to help winterize our garden for the colder months ahead. Led by Mercy Home coworker Rosalinda Masson, the group was tasked with removing invasive species and leftover crops, laying and turning new soil, storing plants, and covering plant beds with mulch to retain moisture in the soil below. Doing so ensured the garden will be ready for new crops in the spring. McDonald’s graciously covered expenses for the project, which included new gardening tools, soil, and mulch.

Prior to rolling up their sleeves, the volunteers were given a tour of Campbell Home, one of our residential program homes.

A few volunteers had visited Mercy Home last summer when McDonald’s entire 200-person legal team participated in their first day of service – cleaning, painting fences, and doing various maintenance tasks to beautify our West Loop Campus.

After volunteers had such a positive experience, that day sparked an ongoing thread of generosity and service that continues to help our boys and girls. Just a couple months ago, members of McDonald’s corporate legal team again pitched in to deep clean our Bosco and Mahoney Home residential youth programs.

Mercy Home is beyond grateful for the hard work and time that the McDonald’s volunteers put in to make our West Loop Campus a beautiful place to live and work. We are proud to call you friends and neighbors.