Tips to Manage your Child’s Time on Devices

Tips to Manage your Child’s Time on Devices

September 25, 2020 • ByWeb Team

While it may be exciting or terrifying how quickly your child is learning how to use computers, tablets and phones, it’s important to manage their online use. We encourage having conversations with your kids about their presence online and what it means when they put things on the web.

Reward your child using the power of technology. Simply have them come home with A’s on their next test and they can be rewarded with an hour of screen time or a new game to download.

  • Sharing with them what to post and what not to post online. Teach them what is appropriate and what needs to stay private. Being able to communicate with your child on what is okay to post online and what isn’t is key.
  • Explaining to your child what cyber bullying is and what it could potentially lead to. The same goes for predators online. Make sure you child is comfortable coming to you if they feel unsafe or unsure. Have an open conversation with your child.
  • Limit their time on devices, including when and where they are allowed.

There are apps to download and with a click of a button restrict their use on their devices and apps during homework time, dinner time, or other times.

Our Pact App

OurPact: This is a parental control app. You’re able to pair multiple devices with just one app. With its 24/7 customer support, it’s worth trying this app to enable time limits and restrictions for your kids with OurPact. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Qustodio: Once you install this app, you’re able to do much more than restrict your child’s use on their devices. Be able to monitor their device usage through their apps and web use. You can track your child’s location, set time limits, monitor their time spent on social networks, and monitor who your child is texting or calling. With Qustodio’s real-time filter blocker, it can even block inappropriate content even when the private browsing mode is enabled. Free for one device and cost will increase based on the number of users and devices. This app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Kindle and Android.


Mobicip: Be able to manage your settings and monitor internet and app usage from a web-based monitor dashboard. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Chromebook. Similar to the other apps, you are able to enable time limits and certain restrictions for certain profiles. Mobicip also has a admin access for school networks so you can take over at other

There are also many ways to manage your child’s devices in the settings for all devices. The majority of the have a parental control feature in the settings. It always good to have a password or passcode and to frequently change your code every 3-6 months. Kids are smart! They will watch you and try to find a way to pass your barrier, so do your best to stay a step ahead. Good luck and happy safe surfing!

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