Archangel Corner: Tim and Karen’s Giving Story

Archangel Corner: Tim and Karen’s Giving Story

Dedication is a theme that runs through much of Tim and Karen Bondy’s life together. Describing themselves as “life-long soulmates,” the couple is on the verge of celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary. They’ve raised two children, committed themselves to fulfilling careers in finance and education, and have lent their loyal support to Mercy Home for nearly three decades.

Now relishing their retirement—and the time with their grandkids it affords—Tim and Karen took a moment to reflect on their relationship with Mercy Home, and how their Donor Advised Fund empowers them to easily support the causes they love.

‘We Value the Compassionate Care’

“The full range of services at Mercy Home is pretty stunning to think about. When you reflect on what some of those kids might otherwise have faced, it truly is a gift from God,” Tim shared. Karen was quick to add, “We continue to support Mercy Home because we value the compassionate care for these very vulnerable children who have very few resources.”

‘A Gift the Tax Code Gives’

“[Our financial planner] advised us to create a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), but I didn’t do anything about it for a few years because I didn’t think we had enough to make a difference,” said Tim. “Eventually, we started out with a small amount in a DAF, spreading it out very carefully. Since then, we’ve consistently used the fund for a variety of Mercy Home support, and it’s been a real treat to see how that fund has helped us and Mercy Home over the years.”

“Broadly speaking, a DAF is a gift the tax code gives,” he continued. “We’ve been blessed by being able to fund our DAF primarily with securities that otherwise might have been taxed by the government. That’s one of the great things about the fund—it allows you to bypass the tax man and makes available more funds to support the charitable causes you believe in.”

‘Just Like Family’

“We think parenting adult children has certainly been as challenging as parenting toddlers or teenagers, in its own unique way. And to think our children have had us to come back to has shown us that they still need us in ways they don’t even understand,” Karen explained. “That’s why what Mercy Home does is so important, because they provide a resource—a lifelong connection—that is continuing just like family. And that’s what Mercy Home is.”

Our family is forever grateful to Archangels like Tim and Karen who, not only give generously of their support and prayers, but have also included Mercy Home in their estate plans.

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