Entries by Nic Halverson

Fr. Kelly and CYO: A Winning Combination

Learn about the CYO and the history of boxing at Mercy Home that emphasized discipline, sportsmanship, and the development of physical and spiritual self.

Trauma and Brain Development in Children

Where practitioners once used psychological, emotional, and behavioral terms to diagnose the effects of trauma, there is now scientific evidence of altered brain functioning due to early abuse and neglect.

“Our Boys Who Have Gone to War”: World War I Efforts at Mercy Home

Through excerpts from our Waifs’ Messenger magazine, learn about the Mercy Home young men and staff who served in the armed forces during World War I.

Engaging Students Impacted by Trauma and Adversity

Liz Tomka and Andrea Simari of our education program talk about how to work in the classroom with students impacted by trauma and adversity.

Video: Developmental Impact of Complex Trauma

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, of the Trauma Center in Boston, outlines a series of perspectives and initiatives for treating complex trauma among adolescents.