Falling Head Over Heels For Photography

Falling Head Over Heels For Photography

At Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, we like to nurture the talents of our young people when they show an interest in extracurricular activities. By encouraging their creative sides, we help our boys and girls discover their passions, which in tune, helps them stay motivated in other areas of their life.

Recently, two of our young people — Kali and Ryan —  discovered their love of photography. But more than that, they both have demonstrated a natural understanding of the craft and an eye for detail well beyond their years.

With fall foliage almost at its peak and jack-o-lanterns on many a front step, Kali and Ryan aimed their cameras at Mercy Home and the surrounding neighborhood to capture the visual sensations of autumn.

We invite you to take a look at their photos and write words of encouragement in the comments below.

Check out Ryan’s photos:

Check out Kali’s photos:

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