Honoring Our Youth Care Workers – The Heart and Soul of Mercy Home

Honoring Our Youth Care Workers – The Heart and Soul of Mercy Home

Today is National Thank a Youth Worker Day, but at Mercy Home, one day just isn’t enough to recognize the hard work and commitment of our coworkers. That is why we have dedicated this entire week to honor the people who help our kids learn and grow every single day.

Youth workers are the heart and soul of Mercy Home. Youth Care Workers, Program Managers, Care Managers, Therapists, Post-Secondary Options and Career Resources Coordinators – these people are at the forefront of our mission. They are friends, mentors, confidants, and teachers. When our kids have a bad day, youth workers are the shoulder to cry on. When our kids celebrate their greatest achievements, youth workers are there to congratulate them and encourage them to go further.

Our kids had a chance to show their gratitude as well this week by hanging messages around the Home that share the things they appreciate about our youth workers.

“Staff are like your brothers, sisters, mom and dad – all in one!” One youth wrote.

“Staff care about me. They put in the effort, help me with things, and they challenge me.” Wrote another youth.

Another way we have shown support to our youth workers this week is by wearing “Thank A Youth Worker Week” sticker badges throughout the day. We also treated our youth workers to ice cream!

These are just small tokens of appreciation for our youth workers, and no words can truly describe the level of gratitude and respect we have for them. Their jobs are filled with a variety of challenges and emotions, and we admire the patience, resilience, kindness, and determination they carry themselves with. The mission of Mercy Home would not be possible without them.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and thank a youth worker you know in your own life!

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