Journey of Love

As we begin the month of March, we are continuing our forty-day Lenten journey. This journey brings us to the cross and the celebration of Easter. During these forty days, we are invited to join with Jesus on an intimate journey of love, which includes prayer, reaching out to the poor and lonely, and offering personal sacrifices. 

Journey of Love

By the Spirit

But during this journey, we will be tempted by our own sinful thoughts and desires, just as Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert. But like Jesus, we are also led by the Spirit. This gives us the strength and courage to resist anything that leads us away from God and to say yes to the things that bring us closer to the Lord. 

During Lenten season and as followers of the Lord, we are called to die to ourselves. This is the only way that Jesus can be raised up in us. We are to die to our selfish desires, our need for control, our tendency to make judgments about others. By dying to ourselves and putting these things aside, we answer the call to a life of repentance and conversion. We pray, fast, and do charitable acts for those in need. Lent is the time to live as Jesus lived, pray as Jesus prayed, and fast and gives alms as he would have us do. This is how the light and love of Christ shines through us. 

Lent is the time to live as Jesus lived, pray as Jesus prayed, and fast and gives alms as he would have us do.

As we come together to celebrate the Eucharist during this holy season, let us follow the example of Jesus and answer the invitation to fast, pray, and care for those in need. We must trust that our reward will be found in the hope of the resurrected Christ and the fulfillment of the Lord’s covenant with us. Our part of this covenant because reality when we strive to follow the ways of the son and our savior, Jesus Christ. Dying to ourselves allow us to rise with Christ. This is God’s great plan of salvation for us, and the glory of God revealed.

Please know that during this Lenten season, I pray with you. I hope you will also keep the Mercy Home community in your heart and in your prayers. Be comforted in the knowledge that you too are in our hearts and prayers.  

May God bless you and keep you safe during this Lenten season! And I pray your hearts are filled with the joy of our Risen Lord on this Easter Sunday! 

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