Child Abuse and Neglect Facts

Child Abuse and Neglect Facts

Statistics on Child Abuse and Neglect

The following national child abuse statistics from Childhelp and present facts on how abused youth in the United States are affected by violence and maltreatment:


Annual reports of child abuse in the U.S.


Incidents of abuse go unreported.

5 / day

Number of deaths due to abuse


Percentage of abuse that is neglect

10 seconds

How often abuse is reported.

Child abuse occurs across all socioeconomic levels, ethnic and cultural lines, and religions and education levels.

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Types of Child Abuse

All types of abuse are damaging. Even if less physically noticeable, they still bear scars and require intervention to protect a child’s life.

Signs of Child Abuse

If you see any of the following behavior in children, it may be a sign of abuse

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