Those who’ve been members of our “parish of the airwaves” for many years know that I often write a Lenten message which stresses the importance of sacrificing something during this holy time to make room in our hearts for Christ….and I believe that wholeheartedly. But it’s also a sacrifice about “making a sacrifice.”

Some people look at the Lenten sacrifice as an obligation of religion, but don’t see it as a rite of faith. The Lenten sacrifice gives us an opportunity to grow in faith through the longing for a beloved activity, food or object. A sacrifice in this season, made in faith, should be something that will be difficult and something we will miss. In that longing, we must turn to God through prayer to overcome the temptations we face as a result of what we have given up. What a wonderful opportunity to turn our lives over to God as we face the struggle of keeping our commitments to our Lenten sacrifices.

“His sacrifice was greater than one that any of us can possibly imagine…”

Of course, it is also an opportunity to understand – if even in a small way – the journey that Christ faced during his forty days of temptation. His sacrifice was greater than one that any of us can possibly imagine…but through our Lenten sacrifice, we can at least get a glimpse of Jesus’ suffering for us, and to be more grateful for that gift.

And as you prepare your heart for Easter, please keep the Sunday Mass at Mercy Home community of faith in your daily prayers. In return, know that you have a place in my prayers and in the prayers of the Mercy Home family.


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