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Young Man Now Looks to Future With Confidence

There was only one opinion that really mattered to Will—his brother’s. For as long as Will could remember, he idolized everything his brother did. His brother played an especially large role in Will’s life because their parents were so absent. Their dad was in jail due to his involvement in a gang and their mother […]

How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer

Summertime gives kids a much-deserved rest from their schoolwork. However, sometimes this can lead kids into the pitfall of having too much free time. COVID-19 makes this time even trickier, because many of our favorite summer activities are limited due to the need for social distancing. With that in mind, we’ve come up with five […]

Coworker Corner: Cynthia Velasquez

Cynthia Velasquez has a passion for social work. And while helping others is something that has been close to her heart for many years, it was her time at Mercy Home that helped her hone her skills and solidify that it was the right path for her. Cynthia graduated from Dominican University with a degree […]

Landing on the Shores of Mercy

There was nothing 12-year-old Anthony loved more than going fishing with his grandfather in the summer. It was their special thing. On weekends, they’d rise before dawn, tiptoe out of the house—careful not to wake Anthony’s sleeping mother on the couch—and load up the rods and tackle boxes into an old pickup truck. Before leaving […]

 A Creative Way to Help

New Friend of the Home Creates and Donates Ear Savers to Benefit Mercy Home’s Families When Kevin Zufelt bought a 3D printer, he planned on using it to make fun items, like toys for his niece or parts for games. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he saw a news article about a Boy Scout […]

Loved, At Last

Ever since Angel was a little girl, she felt like something was missing. And she knew exactly what that thing was: the love and care of her parents. Angel was born when her parents were still in high school. They didn’t stay together, and her dad left the state after graduation. He never came back […]