10 Ways to Help Your Child Become Interested in Reading

10 Ways to Help Your Child Become Interested in Reading

As it is in any home, instilling a lifelong love of reading is critical to Mercy Home’s goal of helping our young people succeed in school, discover their gifts and develop into confident and well-rounded adults.

You can encourage reading for a child in your life – here are just a few ways:


Pay attention to what your child is interested in, and encourage him or her to read books on those subjects.


Set aside time to read with your child every day. Spend time reading together just before bed and take turns reading out loud with younger children.


Set time aside every week for family reading night.


Make reading a daily part of life, including reading road signs, recipes and directions out loud.


Make reading interactive – ask your children’s opinions on what they are reading.


Set goals, such as challenging your child to read three books over Christmas break.


Ask older children to help younger ones with reading. This activity will boost older kids’ confidence, in addition to providing important practice for younger children.


If you can‘t go to the library, they often offer access to eBooks and audiobooks on their website. These are great when you can’t leave your home!


Actively encourage children to read and congratulate them on their progress.


Set an example—seeing you read will encourage your child to do the same!

Help the young people of Mercy Home always have the books and resources they need to keep interested in reading.

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