Brittany Terrell, MSW

head shot of Brittany Terrell, MSW

Brittany Terrell, MSW

Director - Education Resources

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Brittany is currently the Director of Education Resources at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in Chicago. Brittany’s coworkers describe her as strong-willed, a supreme communicator, natural leader, relational, organized and adaptable. Brittany’s inspiration for transformative education started in the 5th grade when she had a teacher who was very invested in the future of his students and consistently spoke on the importance of advocacy for systemic change. While Brittany and her classmates were too young to completely grasp some of Dr. Winters’s concepts, she understood the overarching theme— “If you want something, you better make some noise.” (Malcolm X).

In her current and previous positions at Mercy Home, Brittany has facilitated several trainings and professional development opportunities for her coworkers with much focus on education advocacy, diversity, systemic inequalities, and the importance of representation for young people.

Brittany received her master’s degree in social work, graduating summa cum laude and a member of Phi Alpha Honor Society in 2015 with a concentration in children & families. Brittany’s practicum experiences included family, individual, and group therapy for The Branch Family Institute and E-Mages Inc. In these internship placements, she learned the importance of psychoeducation and empowerment. Overall, it is important to teach clients problem-solving and communication skills and provide education and resources in an empathetic and supportive environment.

Overall, Brittany is a highly enthusiastic, assiduous, and empathic social worker and education advocate with over eight years experience in a therapeutic residential setting. Brittany has a strong commitment to serving youth and their families and professionally developing coworkers to best assist with clients from a person-in-environment perspective. Lastly, Brittany’s focus on providing resources to families, educators, and youth continues to be the focal point of her lifelong dream.

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