7 Ways to Help Kids Build Independence

Interviews on Job Skills Day 2016

7 Ways to Help Kids Build Independence

February 4, 2020 • ByChrista Rooks

Every July 4th, our country celebrates Independence Day by remembering our history and those who fought for our freedom. Here at Mercy Home, we work with our kids every day on skills that will enable them to become more independent in their own lives. Through career workshops, life skills, and financial literacy programs, our boys and girls learn the skills they need to become self-sufficient, responsible young adults.

How do we help our kids learn these critical independent-living skills? Below are seven ways to help them grow toward self-reliance.

Nutrition Classes

Including work in our campus gardens.

Fitness Opportunities

From yoga to weight-lifting to our on-campus basketball league.

bulls mascot and youth chest bumping

Job Skills

Including resume-writing and interview skills.

Interviews on Job Skills Day 2016

Life Skills

How to do laundry and clean the bathroom.

Rob talking to youth

Financial Literacy Programming

Which teaches about budgeting and banking.

Healthy Living

Including how to schedule medical and dental check-ups.

Executive Function Training

Which helps our kids organize their day-to-day lives.

Together, all of these important skills work to help kids along their paths to success.

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