7 Ways to Help Kids Build Independence

7 Ways to Help Kids Build Independence

June 4, 2021 • ByChrista Rooks

Our coworkers help our kids become more independent. Through career workshops, life-skills training, and financial-literacy programs, our boys and girls develop the tools they need to become self-sufficient, responsible young adults.

How do we help our kids learn these critical independent-living skills? Below are seven ways to help them grow toward self-reliance.

Nutrition Classes

A healthy body and brain starts with healthy eating! Our kids work in our campus gardens, where they grow fresh vegetables. These veggies are included in the balanced meals served to our boys and girls every day, and are enjoyed by both our kids and coworkers. By learning healthy eating habits, our kids will be able to stay at their best beyond their time at Mercy Home.

Fitness Opportunities

In addition to healthy eating, the importance of regular exercise is another life skill our kids learn. From yoga, dance classes, weight-lifting, boxing, and our on-campus basketball league, there are plenty of ways for our kids to find exercise they enjoy and make it a habit.

Job Skills

Our kids learn valuable skills that will serve them in future careers, such as resume writing and interview skills. They are also provided with internship opportunities and other career coaching to help them be successful.

Life Skills

Mercy Home’s kids learn how to care for their home by learning how to do laundry, cook meals, and clean their space. When our kids eventually live independently, they will know how to care for themselves and keep up their home.

Financial Literacy Programming

Managing money is no mystery to our kids! They participate in programs to learn about budgeting, banking, and credit scores. Many of our kids have jobs, and are given guidance about how to save their money and budget for things they want.

Healthy Living

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We teach out kids how to schedule regular medical and dental check-ups to make sure they stay on top of their health.

Executive Function Training

Executive functions are skills that include organization, time management, and planning, among others. These are all skills that will help our kids succeed in school, at work, and at home!

These are just some ways that we help our kids learn independence while at Mercy Home. We know that with these skills, our boys and girls can look forward to bright futures!

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