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About Sunday Mass at Mercy Home

In 1992 at the request of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Mercy Home launched its televised Sunday Mass that now allows 60,000 faithful viewers to share in the Eucharist every Sunday morning.

Sunday Mass at Mercy Home, which is filmed on location in the Our Lady of Mercy Chapel at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and broadcast on WGN in Chicago, is a source of spiritual nourishment for those who are unable to leave their homes because of age or ailment to attend Mass.

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Join Us Every Sunday • 9:30 AM CST, WGN Chicago

Due to circumstances outside Mercy Home's control, WGN, Sunday Mass' TV network is not currently available to viewers who subscribe to DISH Network. We apologize for any inconvenience and note that you can still watch the Mass every week here on our web site. For questions regarding channel offerings, you may call DISH Network's customer service department at 800-333-3474.

Over-the-air (with an antenna) on 9.1

Comcast Xfinity TV 192 & 1009


AT&T U-verse 1009

DISH Network 9

WOW! 206

RCN 609

Mediacom 709

Metronet 9


Kraus 9.1

MTCO 504


Skitter TV 9

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You can also listen to Sunday Mass at Mercy Home in podcast form:

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